Mill Tax vs. GPR-What does it mean?

If you have been following any type of political state news, you likely have seen that Gov. Walker is proposing to replace the Mill Tax with General Purpose Revenue (GPR) to fund forestry and conservation initiatives for fiscal year 2017-2019.  We’d like to take a moment to help you understand what this means to you as a private woodland owner or someone who cares about private woodland ownership. Read more.

One Response to “Mill Tax vs. GPR-What does it mean?”

  1. Marc A Schultz

    The mill tax is a surefire and individually inexpensive way to fund a major component of the Wisconsin economy which are forests and forest industry. Forestry has grown dramatically since the cut over and needs a long term dependable funding source not subject to political whims of the political philosophy currently in vogue to continue to produce economic, conservation and cultural benefits.
    KEEP the mill tax for forestry it provides for the long term common good of the citizens of the State of Wisconsin. it is a part of good natural resources government policy.
    Marc A Schultz
    W8155 CTY RD ZB
    Onalaska WI 54650


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