The Wisconsin Alliance of Forest Owners (WAFO) is an organization of private forest land owners who have recognized the need for us to become more politically active.

Privately owned woodlands are increasingly threatened by state actions that have encouraged destruction of these forests by providing strong incentives that favor other uses of these lands.  While various non-profit organizations exist that provide wonderful resources for woodland owners, these education-based organizations have limited ability to lobby, to influence regulations that are in the best interests of privately owned forest lands.  As one lobbyist succinctly said “Private woodland owners have been on the table, not at the table.”

For more information about WAFO, please see our flyer.

To advance the economic and environmental benefits of privately-owned forests through targeted policy advocacy at the state level.


  • We are farmers who grow trees.  We are farmers who supply the fiber and logs needed to power our $20 billion dollar forest products industry.
  • Some of us grow only trees.  Some of us are tree farmers who also grow corn, soybeans, raise animals and produce milk.
  • All of us are farmers who recognize that growing trees is often the most appropriate use of our lands.
  • We are farmers who understand that a healthy, actively managed forest provides all of us with clean air.  We appreciate our forests value for saving our soil and filtering the water we all drink.
  • We recognize that a diverse forest provides critical wildlife habitat, whether it be game or non-game species and that they provide refuge for us, humans, who relish the outdoors.

We want to see our forest lands being treated equitably when it comes to property taxes, income taxes, and special regulations and restrictions imposed on other rural lands.


  • Sign up for email updates.  To be effective policy advocates, we need to be able to keep Wisconsin’s 155,000 private woodland owners up-to-date on the activities of our elected officials and state government policy makers.  We will send periodic email updates on proposed legislation, agency proposals, and other important information that could affect your woodlands. Please, sign up to receive updates on the issues important to all of us.
  • Consider a donation.  We won’t ask you for membership dues.  We won’t solicit advertising or bombard you with ads.  We hope to operate only with donations to help us retain a lobbyist and the staff needed to track and inform you of proposed legislation and regulations that affect those of us who grow trees.  Donate
  • Campaign contributions.  Our lobbying efforts will be most effective by combining our individual political campaign contributions under a woodland owner’s umbrella.  We will work with lobbyists and legislative leaders to identify and support those candidates who are in the position to be able to effectively advocate for our issues.  Learn more about the WAFO Political Support Program