As an owner of woodlands in Wisconsin, it is important for you to know how your land is taxed, the rules and regulations of land ownership, and how to get the most of your timber harvest.  We hope the resources found below will help you make the most of out of your WAFO experience.

DNR Forest Tax Law Handbook
This WI DNR publication was developed to provide information regarding Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law including: Certified Groups, Certified Plan Writer, Forest Crop Law, Woodland Tax Law, Instructions for Completing/Updating Tax Law Forms, and Enforcement.

MFL Participant Database (PDF)
Find out when your MFL participation is set to expire and other important information about your land enrolled in the MFL.  The databases are arranged alphabetically as indicated below.  Simply click on the PDF file which will fit your needs, simultaneously click CTRL + F to search for your last name, city, or county.  Continue to advance until you find the information for which you are searching.
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DNR Silviculture and Forest Aesthetics
This web page includes a downloadable PDF of the Handbook.

2018 WI Property Taxes on Open Land
See how your woodland and forest property taxes compare to those paid on “use value” assessed agricultural lands.  Note: This data is based on 2017/18 property tax information.

Agricultural Assessment Guide For Wisconsin Property Owners 2019
The purpose of this Guide is to help owners of agricultural property in Wisconsin understand their real property assessments. This publication is particularly important because the Wisconsin State Constitution allows for agricultural property to be assessed differently than other classes.

Landowners How-To Guide
Knowing how your land is classified is important, especially when it comes to reading your property tax bill. This document provides a brief overview of several of the most common types of land classifications for woodland property owners.

My Wisconsin Woods
This Powerpoint presentation was delivered by WAFO Board Member Richard Wedepohl on 9/19/2015 in Richland Center at the Oak Management Workshop.  This presentation includes valuable information on determining how properties may be deferentially classified and taxed.  Please note: While there is still very useful information in this presentation, much has changed since September 2015.  Email with any questions.