How your political contribution can make a difference!

The WAFO Political Support Program is a State of Wisconsin registered political contribution arm of WAFO. This Program allows individuals to pool personal and voluntary financial contributions to support candidates seeking elective office at the state level to allow us to gain support for issues important to private woodland owners.

The underlying concept of our Political Support Program is this: If we bundle the contributions of a number of private forest landowners, we will have a greater impact on getting our issues addressed.  Individual impacts can effectively be “doubled” because the politician sees both the contributors name and WAFO at the same time.  We look forward to building positive relationships with key legislators.

Support the WAFO Political Support Program.  Together we can make a difference!

How frequently will contributions be made to key legislators?
Contributions will be held until such a time when our lobbyist makes recommendations about the most strategic use of contributions.  If you would like your contribution to support one candidate in particular, please email info@wiafo.org with your name, the candidate’s name, the amount of your contribution, and percentage of that contribution to benefit the candidate/WAFO Political Support Program.

Our initial goal is to have a Political Support Program that can make contributions of at least $30,000/year.  This level is one which has been shown to be an amount which will get us initial access, recognition, and ability to further our goals.

Can WAFO accept corporate contributions?
According to Wisconsin state law, we cannot accept corporate contributions to finance a campaign.

Is there a maximum amount that I may contribute?
The maximum contribution by an individual is $10,000 in a calendar year to any combination of candidates in Wisconsin, however, this level may be changing.

Why types of payment can WAFO accept to support the Political Support Program?
We can accept a personal check made out to “WAFO Conduit” and returned with the completed Support Form to WAFO, PO Box 7423, Madison, WI 53707.  We also accept credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) payment made online or by mail with the completed Support Form.

Are contributions to WAFO’s Political Support Program tax-deductible?
No. Contributions to WAFO’s Political Support Program are not tax-deductible.

Is my contribution a matter of public record?
If more than $100 is contributed annually, WAFO must report your contributions to the Government Accountability Board with your name, home address, occupation, and amount of contribution.

How will I know which candidates received the support of WAFO’s Political Support Program?
The political activities of all registered Wisconsin political support programs, as well as their semi-annual reports, are filed with the Government Accountability Board.  WAFO’s reports and activities will be found online soon after our first contribution is made.  Please also feel free to contact WAFO directly by email at info@wiafo.org or by calling (608) 218-4789.

Will I be able to approve where my contribution goes?
Yes, the law requires that you must approve contributions before they are made.  That means we will contact you by either email or phone for your approval before passing on the contribution.

How will WAFO choose which candidates to support?
WAFO will support those candidates whose values are the same as the organization’s interests.  Several of these are:

  • Reduce or eliminate the $8.54/acre special tax the State of Wisconsin places on forest lands enrolled in the MFL
  • Include timber sales in the Manufacturing and Agricultural tax credit that reduces the state income tax rate from 7.9% to 0.4% on agricultural crops
  • Define working forests as an agricultural use in Statutes and Codes
  • Develop stronger ties with local County Land Conservation Committees
  • Increase recognition of the public benefits forest lands provide to the economy and the environment

Contributing to WAFO’s Political Support Program will allow the organization to bundle funds in to support campaigns of candidates who support WAFO’s mission and goals.