WAFO eNews April 2018- MFL Clean-Up: Structures and Parcel Size

Clean-up bill is being considered to propose updates to structures and entry size

Recent changes to the MFL provided considerable improvements for those of us who have land enrolled in the program. But, we all know that after major law changes occur, there are often unanticipated problems which need to be corrected.

Two of the bigger changes that WAFO is working on are:

  • Allowing structures on MFL land and
  • Expanding eligibility to allow smaller parcels to be entered into the program.

1.Structures that are necessary to store equipment used to carry out forestry activities should be allowed

Although current law prohibits entry of a parcel on which there is a building or an improvement, there is an exception to that provision under section 77.82(1)(bp)2.g, which allows for structures and fixtures needed for sound forestry practices.

We believe that this exception could be used to allow for buildings that are used for storing equipment necessary to accomplish sound forestry practices as the DNR develops administrative rules that would further define what would or wouldn’t be allowed.


2. Expand the eligibility of smaller parcels to be enrolled in the MFL

In response to concerns that smaller parcels could not reasonably be used to provide commercially available timber, the law changed the minimum entry size from 10 acres to 20 acres. Since then, WAFO has heard from many landowners who can no longer enroll smaller woodlots, even if located on their property, into the program.


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